Director(s): Josh Polon

Film description: Germán Alonso strives to create his first feature film, the fantastical sci-fi epic MEXMAN, in spite of struggles with his producers, an unrequited love, and tensions with a documentary crew.

Programmers notes: When it comes to filmmaking, following your dreams requires finding other people to follow them as well. Baltimore native Josh Polon returns to his hometown with this roller-coaster of a documentary centered on an indie genre filmmaker and the friends and collaborators in his orbit who want to help him get out of his own way on the road to success. In THE LEGEND OF MEXMAN, Germán Alonso has passion and ideas to spare—sometimes too much of both, all at once. Like every filmmaker, German needs money. And he’s not always good at staying on track when he tries to convince the people who have the money that he’s the one who should get to spend it. Even when he does get to shoot, he often leaves his collaborators wondering if they’re all working from the same script. If your mind is starting to go to Mark Borchardt and the making of Coven, this film is definitely for you.

Writer(s): Josh Polon

Producer(s): Steve Bannatyne, Josh Polon, Jason Wehling

Editor(s): David Fabelo, Jason Wehling, Josh Polon

Cinematographer(s): Josh Polon

Country of origin: USA

Principal cast: Germán Alonso, Tyler Soper, Ben Soper, Jonathan Sims, Moctesuma Esparza, Jason Beghe, José Manuel Alonso

Language: English, Spanish

Year: 2023

Duration: 89 minutes

Premiere status: Maryland premiere