THE GRAVITY [La Gravité]

Director(s): Cédric Ido

Film description: An unprecedented alignment of planets impacting gravity will upset the balance of a ghetto and the destiny of two duos of brothers eager to do anything for their freedom in an unceasing fight between old and new generations. Grounded by the deep relationship depicted between the brothers and capped off with an explosive finale, director Cédric Ido’s second feature is a bold entry in the sci-fi genre.

Programmers notes: Sometimes genre films shine as much light on the truth as any earnest drama could. Such is the case in French-Burkinabe director Cédric Ido’s tense and impactful sci-fi vision LA GRAVITÉ, which envisions the residents of a housing tower in the Parisian suburbs in the days leading up to a major cosmic realignment. There, an older generation finds their hard-earned street smarts challenged by a new wave of youth unified around a new drug, a new belief system, and a penchant for telepathic groupthink. Significantly, nearly everyone we meet among the majority Black population of these towers has a hidden talent all-but-buried under the weight of racism and capitalism. But could their world (and ours) be headed for a seismic shift? Imagine La Haine (or, for that matter, The Wire) reimagined with dashes of Attack the Block and Raid: Redemption, and you’re in the right ballpark—and ready for a great 85 minutes at the cinema.

Writer(s): Cédric Ido

Producer(s): Emma Javaux

Editor(s): Thomas Fernandez, Nassim Gordji Tehrani

Cinematographer(s): David Ungaro

Country of origin: France

Principal cast: Max Gomis, Jean-Baptiste Anoumon, Steve Tientcheu

Language: French

Year: 2022

Duration: 85 minutes

Premiere status: Maryland premiere