Director(s): Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough

Film description: THE BODY POLITIC follows Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott during an unprecedented election and throughout his first year in office as he puts his political future on the line in hopes of saving lives by implementing a new violence reduction policy in the city.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are adding an additional screening of “The Body Politic.” There may be an opportunity following the film for some audience members to attend the Q&A in the main room with WYPR’s Tom Hall and Mayor Brandon Scott, but we cannot guarantee that access.

Programmers notes: There’s hardly a day here in Baltimore where murder doesn’t make the news. Mayor Brandon Scott doesn’t just know this; as The Body Politic palpably demonstrates, he feels it. With embedded around-the-clock access, native Baltimorean Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough’s documentary follows Scott’s mayoral campaign and first year in office through the lens of this single issue: how to bring the city’s murder rate down. As new tactics are employed and specific goals set, we follow Mayor Scott navigating stonewalling from Annapolis and heartbreaking setbacks. Throughout the film, we’re reminded that the murder rate isn’t just a statistic; each number in the total represents a human life lost in our neighborhoods. Regardless of your political point of view, The Body Politic will serve as both a powerful viewing experience and a fruitful conversation-starter.

Producer(s): Gabriel Franics Paz Goodenough, Dawne Langford, & John Benam

Editor(s): Thomas Niles

Cinematographer(s): John Benam & Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough

Country of origin: USA

Principal cast: Mayor Brandon M. Scott, Erricka Bridgeford, Dante Johnson, Shantay Jackson

Language: English

Year: 2023

Duration: 90 minutes 40 seconds

Premiere status: Maryland premiere