Director(s): Olivia West Lloyd

Film description: Meg is trying to readjust to normalcy after surviving a traumatic kidnapping — but her grasp on reality soon starts to deteriorate when she travels with her husband to his wealthy family’s isolated compound.

Programmers notes: Olivia West Lloyd’s inventive psychological thriller begins where most horror films roll credits. Playing with the trope of “the final girl,” SOMEWHERE QUIET plants us deep inside the perceptions of Meg (Jennifer Kim) in the aftermath of a kidnapping that’s left her with severe trauma—and more questions than answers. Her instincts have been rewired to trust no one, and that very much includes her husband Scott (Kentucker Audley) and his cousin (Marin Ireland). As the three spend time together at his family’s house in the woods, surroundings that in other circumstances might provide healing respite become increasingly disturbing, and reality gives way to a fragmented torment. Boasting a breakthrough performance from Kim, Lloyd’s remarkably assured first feature as director works in the tradition of such films as Gaslight, Suspicion, Repulsion, and Images, but gives the genre a new-millenium twist that looks even deeper into the subjectivity of perception and every human’s capacity for evil.

Produced by Baltimorean Emma Hannaway. Baltimoreans may also remember co-lead Kentucker Audley from his performances in many Maryland Film Festival titles over the years, including the Baltimore-made features Sylvio and Strawberry Mansion (both of which he also co-directed).

Writer(s): Olivia West Lloyd

Producer(s): Emma Hannaway, Taylor Ava Shung, Eamon Downey

Editor(s): Sofi Marshall

Cinematographer(s): Conor Murphy

Country of origin: USA

Principal cast: Jennifer Kim, Marin Ireland, Kentucker Audley and Micheál Neeson

Language: English

Year: 2023

Duration: 98 minutes

Premiere status: Maryland premiere