Director(s): Rafael Palacio Illingworth

Film description: The film diary of a family, pieces of an Argentinian fiction film that wants to be completed, a tumor that dreams to be loved, two hunters looking for something to kill. The film glides between reality and fiction as the filmmaker tries to grasp the essence of his passing life.

Programmers notes: Looking for that esoteric international deep cut you’d never see if it weren’t for a festival like this one? You’ve found it. And if you know what I’m talking about when I compare this Argentina-and-Switzerland-set hybrid to Post Tenebras Lux and The Human Surge… run, don’t walk! This hearty stew of fiction, abstract meditation, and personal essay carries a profound message with rare artistic mastery. It’s a bit transgressive. But as with, say, Lisandro Alonso’s Liverpool, that transgression has as much to do with tone and perspective as it does content. You’ll likely love it if you’re one of those Herzogian soldiers of cinema fearless enough to swim in the waters of the outer reaches of film culture—a willingness which, sadly, few U.S. film festivals have demonstrated so far with this jagged gem. Let’s change that.

Duration: 87 minutes