“Baltimore is a city with an immensely diverse array of artists and musicians from different backgrounds, with different perspectives,” says Sam Sessa, Director of Community Events for WYPR and WTMD and co-founder of the New/Next Film Festival with Eric Allen Hatch. “What unites them is a willingness to experiment—to push and pull and break new ground. The first question is never how much, but how far.” On the cusp of Baltimore’s newest film festival, Sessa explains that he and Hatch want to honor that spirit with New/Next, a brand-new film festival which occurs August 18 – 20 at The Charles Theater and surrounding areas.

In the last few years, arts and cultural event programming throughout the country but particularly in Baltimore has had to get creative in order to stay afloat. From hybrid in-person/online offerings to relocation to postponement, event curators have had to make due with what national and local economies are able to offer. In 2022, because of economic factors and public health concerns, Baltimore was without Artscape, Light City, the Book Festival, and the Maryland Film Festival. For art creators and appreciators alike, this reality was hard to fathom. This year fortunately marks the dawn of resurgence and revitalization in many respects. While the Book Festival, Light City, and the Maryland Film Festival (MdFF) aren’t back quite yet, new gatherings are primed not only to fill their temporary absence but to explore new parameters.

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